Educating Luton's Children Together
West Area
About Us

West is Best!

Our partnership is focused on school improvement in order to improve outcomes and life chances for the children and young people in our area.  We are driven by a passion for being the best we can be in order to help the children and young people in our care to be the best they can be!
We came together through our geographical proximity and a strong focus on partnership working within Luton.  We have developed strong links between our schools and work together to organise events for our students and training opportunities for our staff teams.  Our strong partnership is based on trust and shared responsibility.
Within our partnership we have two Teaching School Alliances - The Chiltern Teaching School Alliance and The Shared Learning Trust Teaching School.  Schools within the partnership work with the third teaching school in Luton - Luton First Teaching School Alliance.  In addition, one of our schools is a National Support School and other partnership Headteachers and Senior Leaders are actively involved in school to school support work.  The expertise within our partnership is extensive and puts us in an excellent place to support schools within our partnership as well as throughout and beyond Luton.
Teachers and support staff working within Partnership Schools benefit from access to local networking opportunities where they can share ideas and practice and 'lessen the load' through partnership.  Teachers are supported through induction programmes for NQTs, training for all teaching staff and networking groups for subject leaders and senior staff.  
Career opportunities within the partnership are excellent, with large staff teams and schools facing challenging circumstances, professional development and progression of staff is a major focus with retention of the best staff high on our agenda.  It is not unsusual to discover that the senior leaders within our schools began work as teaching assistants, training, qualifying, completing induction and rising through progressive posts to reach their senior leadership roles within the same school or within the partnership.
We work to a set of shared values including respect, unity, tolerance and honesty with individual schools developing their own organisations unique set of values in their own way.
We are proud to be a part of the West Area Partnership, proud to work together, proud of what we have achieved together and proud of what we stand for.  Come and be proud with us and discover that... WEST IS BEST!